Advisors: Valeria Herrera and Richard Rosa

The Architectural Thesis is the student’s project and not the advisor’s project. The core ideas, interests and ambitions are self-initiated by the student. AG No Positions is positioned to assist the student in clarifying, evolving and architecturalizing the student’s initial provocations. We work to support the student’s fundamental disciplinary topic areas and to not mold them according to our own. We will help direct, refine and demystify the thesis to frame an architectural issue, contention or curiosity. We will help the student develop a more focused approach and ultimately realize a precise thesis statement that articulates the architectural issue/s endemic to the project. While the advisor’s sensibilities will influence the work, the core values, goals and scope should come from the student’s…position.

We will look things up, we will read things, we will draw things, we will model things, we will record discoveries and will engage in the parallel activity of speculation. We will conduct analyses of architectural content and also of non-architectural content. We will work largely through making while grounding work in the appropriate areas of theoretical, historical and or architectural discourse. We do expect that all AG No Positions thesis endeavors are to be architectural design projects that that content with issues of context, utility, language, space and the evolution of the architectural species, i.e. making Architecture.

MONDAY, MAY 2, 9am-5pm, STUDIOS 314 & 414, 3rd floor atrium

Internal Critics: Aurélie Frolet, Kyle Miller, Terrance Goode, Nathan Williams

9am (Studio 314) Janani Suriyanarayanan
Ornamentation and the Feminine
10am (Studio 414)

Diana Quesada & Shiyi Wang
The School Doesn’t Breathe

11am (Studio 314) Nikki Palli
1pm (Studio 414) Ava Helm
Hotel Avenue
2pm (Studio 314) Bram Monson
Mutant Typologies
3pm (Studio 414) Joseph Caputo
Lights Out
4pm (3rd Floor Atrium) Daniella Hofer
Artist or Architect