Advisors: Ted Brown, Julia Czerniak, Emily Pellicano

Interests: Synthetic Landscapes, Forest Matters,Architecture as Apparatus: cohabitation of species, Other Populations

We have traditionally located nature in untouched wilderness, agricultural development, or the gardens and parks built in cities. The landscape historian John Dixon Hunt identified these places as “the three natures” in his writings about the historical development of nature in our cultural imagination. In the 21st century the forces of climate change, species invasion, and extinction have affected the three natures in disproportionate ways, demonstrating the importance of rethinking the three natures paradigm. How might a Fourth Nature challenge traditional ways of imagining architecture?

We call upon students to consider the Fourth Nature as a provocative source and catalyst for thinking the contemporary city, urban buildings, and designed landscapes. Our work together will be a field of experimentation. Join us to research and advance how the Fourth Nature—as demonstrated in multi-species architectures, landscape urbanism, and AI technologies—enable us to imagine new ways of seeing, valuing, acting, and designing within our challenged anthropocentric environment.

MONDAY, MAY 2, 9am-2:30pm, roomS 402 & 101/104

Internal Critics: Edgar Rodriguez, Mark Linder, Kyle Miller, Aurélie Frolet

9am (Room 402) Patrick Riley
American Natures
9:30am (Room 104/101) Sarah Perrino
10am (Room 104/101) Joao Pedro Ellery
10:30am (Room 104/101) Cameron Chahanovich
Dematerializing the Architectural Life Cycle
11am (Room 104/101) Maryasa Krivitskaya
Ebb and Flow
11:30am (Room 104/101) Emily Huang
12 noon Lunch
12:30pm (Room 104/101) Jessica Szymanoski
1pm (Room 104/101) Eve Miserlian
Expanding Orchard Life
1:30pm (Room 104/101) Katie Weeks
Manufacturing Nature
2pm (Room 104/101) Jake Hayward
The ECO-tec Initiative