Advisor: Hannibal Newsom

These projects explore the potential for alternative methods to open the fields of architecture, urban policy and planning to the input and participation of a broader community. Can the narrative power of film and its ability to convey complex messages through the moving image broaden cultural accessibility and interest in architecture? Will the design of open, unfinished systems encourage constructive improvisation in our built environment; what is the potential of an architecture that plays? Is it possible to co-opt the proliferation of social media and online gaming in our society to increase access to architectural education? With the broadening of online crowdfunding platforms, can communities gain a seat at the policy-making table through bottom-up fundraising?  Lack of financial means, elected office, or higher education should not be barriers to participation in our built environment or its design. Questioning the method, rather than the content, of design and decision-making processes can expose the potential of access and agency in both design education and real-world policy making.