Advisors: Joel Kerner, Bess Krietemeyer, Brian Lonsway, Hannibal Newsom

monday, may 2, 9am-4:30pm, einhorn studio

Internal Critics: Lori Brown, Ayesha Ghosh

9am Tiffany Ng
Hong Kong 2046
9:45am Mackenzie Timothy Lubin
Radicalization of the Spectacle
10:30am Abigail May Korn
Pink Tax
11:15am Monisha Angel Arnold
Dignity Housing
12 noon Lunch
12:45pm Austin Peña
Two Hydrocentric Futures
1:30pm Emily Rebecca Collins
Within Walls of Power
2:15pm Supreetha Guntur
Community Resiliency
3pm Zhenyi Yuan
Senior Rejuvenation
3:45pm Congshuo Zhang
Traditional Chinese Architecture
4:30pm Sean Culligan
Mass Renovation


tuesday, may 3, 9am-4:30pm, einhorn studio

Internal Critics: Nina Sharifi, Joseph Godlewski

9am Onkar Sanjeevan Joshi
Advertising in Immersive Spaces
9:45am Wenqian He
Architecture and Mental Health
10:30am Ziwei Zheng
Transportation Center in Shanghai
11:15am Michael Anthony Aiardo
12 noon Lunch
12:45pm Rameesa Zahin Ahmed
Printed Property
1:30pm Ashley Nicole Feyes
Immersive Therapy
2:15pm Tianche Liu
Three-Generations Community
3pm Robert Joseph Helbock
Forgotten Borough No More
3:45pm Meaghan Sarah Kelly
Urban Rewilding