Advisors: Mark Linder and Amber Bartosh

CLAIMS: No contemporary issues, practices or peoples escape Imaging Immersion (I/I). The necessary condition for the production and experience of architecture today is Immersion Imaging (I/I). By focusing on the technologies, theories, media, and potentials of the I/I nexus of the digital/actual/virtual/manual we can productively and creatively engage and explore any architectural problem.

QUESTIONS: How is architecture being redefined by the kinds of diffusion, interface, engagement, effects, and affects engendered by I/I? How does our dependence on digital devices and media engender I/I in architecture? How can imaging theory assist our understanding of this reciprocal condition? How does the complex intersection of actual/virtual/manual/digital inform our production and inhabitation of environments? How did this condition emerge in history and what are its possible futures?

SOURCES: I/I builds on a wide range of writings and influences including Jacques Rancière, Elizabeth Grosz, Barbara Stafford, Marshall McLuhan, Vilem Flusser, Mario Carpo, Katherine Hayles, Aud Sissel Hoel, Mark Hansen, Lev Manovich, Sylvia Lavin, David Joselit, and Antonio Damasio.

monday, december 13, 1-4pm, bird library, digital scholarship space, 4th floor

1:00pm Introduction
1:15pm Karen Chow & Amina Kikaya
1:45pm Adhityan Anbumozhi
2:15pm Yihan Yang & Ziyan Zhou
2:30pm Yuting Hu & Yuanting Peng
3:00pm Anna Wu
3:30pm Discussion