Advisors: Terrance Goode, Susan Henderson, David Shanks

The designed environment has the capacity to produce ameliorative and even emancipatory social effects on those who occupy it. These positive social effects can be produced in a variety of ways and at a gradient of scales. They can range from enabling individual agency in the choice of body location and posture, or particularization of one’s own personal environment, up to the self-organization of larger social groupings. Especially at larger scales of urban collectivities, these social effects extend beyond the interpersonal into the political. The urban actions of the last several months, directly and indirectly emerging from the Black Lives Matter movement, exemplify this scale of social effect, as well as their potential for public representation.

May 3, 9am - 4:30pm

Additional Reviewers: Kyle Miller, Ted Brown

9:00am Zain Edeen Elwakil & Kalani Mah
Spatial Dialogue
9:45am Charles Chu
Parasite in Parasites
10:30am Kaixin Huang & Siting Xing
Image Carnival
11:15am Estefany Lona
Resembling Legitimacy
12 noon Patrick Joshua de Gracia
Entangling Manila’s Seam
1:30pm Ashley Dunkwu
Subversive Interludes
2:15pm Shawn Tang
Sight Unseen
3:00pm Joe Mozdzanowski
Real Space
3:45pm Hanzhang Lai & Phang Lim
Dissoluted Reality