Advisors: Junho Chun, Gregory Corso, Marcos Parga, Timothy Stenson

This collection of projects is different than other groups because there is so much difference between and among them. Thus the challenge of intellectual and creative coherence is elevated and the independent nature of the thesis project is intensified. Yet all these projects focus on urbanity and the broader relevance of architecture. They reflect on the theoretical implications and design possibilities of working within the complexities of found conditions. They propose interventions in architectural and infrastructural systems and produce new interpretations that leverage architectural potential at a diverse range of scales and urban contexts, from the revitalization of an industrial site, to the regeneration of a so-called “blighted” neighborhood, to the retrofitting of a typical office tower in the context of COVID-19, to the airport as a metaphorical city, to an ecological system conjoining bats and humans, to a model community for Alzheimer’s patients.