Advisor: Terrance Goode

Architecture is too often understood as a discipline concerned almost exclusively with space, understood independent of time (understood as a system of measurement) and / or temporality (understood as a condition of objective or subjective duration and sequence). This bias toward space has for the most part neglected or even ignored the multiple roles of played by time and temporality in the theorization, production and experience of architecture; of understanding of “architecture as it exists in time and as time exists in architecture,” to slightly paraphrase Jeremy Till.

This Thesis Advisory Group will concern itself with identifying and taking a position toward some aspect of time and/or temporality as it produces and / or is produced by architecture. The work will be performed by individual students or teams.

While students and teams will be able to determine their own specific thesis topics, it is expected that these will clearly and directly engage some aspect of this Advisory Group’s “umbrella” topic of architecture and its temporalities. The following are offered as potential thesis topic areas, but it will be possible to propose alternative topics if these can be demostrated to clearly and directly engage this Advisory Group’s topic of architecture and its temporalities.

wednesday, may 4, 10:30am-12:30pm, room 402

Internal Critic: Lawrence Chua

10:30am Ashley Woo
11am David Chen
Extending the Temporalities of Mega Stadiums
11:30am Song Wang
Carnival on the Railway
12 noon Shaan Lyngdoh/Lakshmanan
Remembered Spaces