The MS.SRED is a post-professional degree program focusing on sustainable real estate development that leads to a Master of Science (MS) in Architecture. The program addresses the nuts-and-bolts of sustainable development, from construction systems and business models to community and environmental stewardship.

Based at the Syracuse University Fisher Center in midtown Manhattan, this NYC-resident program draws upon the city’s culture of architectural and urban innovation. Here, theoretical inquiry meets real-world application. The program begins with one required studio and a coordinated real estate seminar, which provide a design-based immersion into the fundamentals of development. Required classes in real estate finance, sustainable construction processes, resilient land-use and planning, and real estate law and business build a foundational understanding and skillset.

Additionally, an internship course connects students with leading professionals, as does a week-long “residency” at Syracuse University’s main campus. The program culminates with a capstone project in which students pursue their own design and development project.

The program is well-suited for individuals with a professional degree in architecture or a related discipline, who seek to understand and harness the interrelated nature of economic development, social equality and environmental design.

Our MS is a STEM Designated Degree by the US Student and Exchange Visitor Program.

Please note: As a research-focused master of science, this program alone does not qualify as a professional degree leading to eligibility for the Architectural Registration Exam or licensure in the USA. More information: