Ashley Nowicki
P/T Instructor

Ashley Nowicki (she/her/hers) joins the Syracuse University School of Architecture as a part-time instructor for the Fall of 2021 teaching Architectural Design Studio 1. She joins the Syracuse University School of Architecture Faculty concurrently working as an architectural designer for General Architecture Collaborative and as an architectural researcher for lab practices.

Prior to joining the School of Architecture Faculty, Nowicki has held positions at the AIA Pittsburgh and as a teaching assistant at the Syracuse University SOA in undergraduate and graduate design studios as well as graduate theory courses. She has conducted research alongside other Syracuse University SOA Faculty in a variety of fields, including structural topology optimization, climate resilience, architectural imaging practices, and the intersection of architectural building codes and women’s health rights. Prior to achieving her M. Arch degree from Syracuse University, Nowicki worked in the fields of public health, microbiological research and medicine.

Nowicki’s work and research centers around how architecture intervenes in cultural sustainability, women’s health, and stakeholder participation. Her interests lie within how architecture can be used as a tool for community growth, advocacy, and sustainability. While at Syracuse University, her thesis work for her M. Arch degree examined UNESCO World Designations and how they affect the cultural growth of communities using architecture as a device for tourism, particularly looking at Marrakech, Morocco.

Nowicki earned a M. Arch in 2021 from Syracuse University and a B.S. in Molecular Biology with a minor in Psychology from St. Vincent College.