Taiwei Wang
P/T Instructor

Taiwei Wang (he/him/his) is an associate at SHoP Architects in New York City. He joins the Syracuse University School of Architecture faculty as a P/T Instructor in Fall 2021 and will teach an architecture design studio.

Prior to joining Syracuse University, Taiwei completed projects ranging in different scale, program and delivery method, such as a two-bedroom affordable housing and solar green house in Selma, Alabama; a 3.5-acre public park that transformed the wharf neighborhood and historical renovation; plus additional commercial buildings in Washington D.C. and a skyscraper in Brooklyn, New York.

Taiwei specializes in design build, digital fabrication, method of materials and construction methodologies. His academic focus is to develop a design build research studio environment for students to physically build, learn and experience architecture.

Taiwei was a two-time Rural Studios student fellow, which led to his research topic, “Architecture as Product.” Architecture is a highly customized design with a limited lifetime for specific location and culture that only one percent of the population can afford an architect. What could be the impact to the world if architecture is more about the other 99% percent of the people? More importantly, how to achieve it?

Taiwei earned a master’s degree in advanced architectural design at Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP). He also holds dual professional degrees with Architecture and Interior Architecture at Auburn University.