Debbie Chen
P/T Instructor

M.Arch, Princeton University; B.Arch, University of Southern California (Summa Cum Laude)

Debbie Chen joins the Syracuse University School of Architecture as a Part-Time Instructor in the Fall of 2020, where she will be teaching in the undergraduate design studio curriculum.

Debbie currently serves as a Project Architect at Morphosis Architects for the design of a new academic building at the University of Toronto, as well as for the construction of a land port-of-entry facility at the US-Canadian border. Her previous professional work includes the design and execution of other high-profile institutional projects in the state of New York. She has served on design juries at Syracuse University, The Cooper Union, Columbia University, Cornell University and Yale University.

Born in Taiwan and raised in Los Angeles, Ms. Chen practices as a licensed architect in New York City. Her work often explores issues of scale, assembly and infrastructure. In 2014, her Municipal C.H.U.W. proposal for a localized waste management institution in NYC was awarded the Holcim Awards Next Generation 1st Prize in North America.

Debbie received a Master of Architecture from Princeton University and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Southern California.