Sou Fang
P/T Instructor

MArch, Syracuse University; B.A., University of San Diego

Sou Fang joined the School of Architecture as an adjunct professor in Fall 2019, where he teaches undergraduate design studio. He holds an MArch from Syracuse University and B.A. from the University of San Diego.

In 2019, Fang co-founded Material Contours, an academic research group that examines territorial transgressions and architecture as infrastructure, with Mitesh Dixit and Tamara Marović. Fang’s work primarily focuses on techniques that visualize and ‘unpack’ layers of the social and built environment.

Fang is an Associate at DOMAIN Office, an architecture and urbanism studio based in Belgrade, Serbia and Syracuse, New York. The firm works internationally on projects ranging from graphic design, residential, public buildings, and masterplans.