Mitesh Dixit
Assistant Professor

M.Arch, Washington University, St. Louis; B.S. Philosophy and Political Science, DePaul University

Mitesh Dixit is an Assistant Professor in the School of Architecture, and holds and Affiliate position with Department of Geography, Maxwell School of Citizenship & Public Affairs.  Dixit’s work has focused on the intersection of design with government policy, society, and culture. His research has explored the processes of region- and border-making in the Balkans and along the US-Mexico border, tracing the effects of ideology in the transformations of the built environment.  Previously, Dixit was on the faculty of TU Delft in the Netherlands as a visiting professor of architecture and urbanism. There, he also served as editor for the Chair of Complex Projects and helped to develop curriculum. Throughout 2016, Dixit lectured internationally, conducted workshops, and seminars on behalf of the US Department of State. In fall 2019 Dixit was a Visiting Scholar at the Faculty of Architecture in Skopje, N. Macedonia.

Dixit is the founder of DOMAIN Office, an architecture and urbanism studio based in Belgrade, Serbia and Syracuse, New York. The firm works internationally on projects ranging from graphic design, residential, public buildings, and masterplans. DOMAIN operates within the contemporary art realm and has collaborated with artists such as Wim Wenders (DE), Armin Linke (IT), Vincent de Rijk (NL), Ari Versluis (NL), Antonio Lopez Garcia ES), and Dieter Meier (CH) as well as curators including Chris Dercon (BE), Esther Jung (CH), Ksenija Samardžija (RS), and Julio Vaquero (ES).  Its work has been presented at the Venice Architectural Biennale (2014), Franc Centre Museum in Orleans, France (2014), and MIPIM Conference in Canes, France (2014), The National University of Singapore (2012), the Inaugural Chicago Architectural Biennale (2015), STRAND’s 5th International Conference ‘ON Architecture’ in Belgrade, Serbia (2017), and the exhibition ‘STAYING HERE WITH YOU – moving, at the Bioskop Balkan in Belgrade, Serbia (2019). DOMAIN has been in numerous publications including Domus, Contour, BK, Metropolis, and Wallpaper.

After completing undergraduate and graduate work in politics and philosophy, Dixit completed the master of architecture from the Washington University in St. Louis and then began his career at the San Francisco office of Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill. Prior to DOMAIN, Dixit worked with Rem Koolhaas’ Office for Metropolitan Architecture as a project leader. While at OMA, Dixit led multiple international projects, such as the MahaNaKhon Tower in Bangkok, Holland Green in London, East Block 30 in Cairo, and the Kuala Lumpur Financial District in Malaysia.

Buildings and Projects


2019 - Urban Athletics: Interior Renovation; Syracuse, NY, USA; 250 M2

2019 - Rise n Shine: Interior & Exterior Renovation; Syracuse, NY, USA; 120 M2

2018 - The Print Hub: Interior Renovation; Syracuse, NY, USA; 250 M2

2017 - Riordan Ranch: Residential; Napa, California, USA; 600 M2

2016 - Tampa Tower: Mix-Use; Tampa, USA; 54,000 M2

2016 - 200 Central: Tampa, USA; 150,000 M2

2016 - Detroit East Riverfront: Masterplan; Detroit USA;100 Acres

2016 - Data Centre: Technology; Dorrance Count, Pennsylvania; 2.130 M2

2016 - Losa Rota: Cultural; Lima, Peru;6.400 M2

2016 - Tropicana Field: Masterplanning; St. Petersburg, USA;85 Acres

2015 - PA 125: Urban, Office; New York City, USA; 80.000 M2

2015 - Project Seoul: Masterplanning; Seoul, South Korea; 10.3 Million M2

2015 - The Rural City: Housing; Marfa, United States; 2014;3.900 M2

2015 - Roma contro Rome: Vision; Rome, Italy;43.000 M2

2015 - Macroplaza: Urban, Office; Monterrey, Mexico;170.000 M2

2015 - CCdC: Housing; Tarpon Springs, USA; 630 M2

2014 - Planta Exhibition; Venice, Italy; 250 M2

2014 - Paco Park: Masterplanning; São Bernardo Do Campo; 1,1 Million M2

2014 - BMW-Fiz Future: Masterplanning; Munich, Germany; 2 Million M2

2014 - Shenzhen Energy: Mix-Use; Shenzhen, P.R.C.; 1.8 Million M2

2013 - Planta: Culture; Lleida, Spain; 13.500 M2

2013 - CCC: Education; Chemelot, The Netherlands; 14.700 M2

2013 - Twin Towers: Housing; Tianjin, China120.000 M2

2012 - XLW9: Urban, Housing; Tianjin, P.R.C.; 800.000 M2

2012 - Building Z: Education; Antwerp, Belgium; 8.000 M2

2009 - TPMC: Culture; Taipei, China;114.750 M2


2019 - “Landscapes of Extraction” as part of ‘Staying Here with You - moving’. Curated by Ksenija Samardžija and Esther Maria Jungo. Bioskop Balkan, Belgrade, Serbia

2019 - ‘‘Between Myth & Utopia”, Faculty of Architecture, Skopje, Macedonia              

2019 - “Material Contours”, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, USA

2018 - “Material Contours”, National Ohrid Museum–Robevci Home, Ohrid, Macedonia

2018 - “Comparative Urban Atlas”, The Railway Building, Skopje, Macedonia

2018 - “Comparative Urban Atlas”, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, USA

2018 - “St. Pete Next…Past, Present, and Future”, St. Petersburg, FL, USA

2017 - “CCdC”, Academy of Sciences & Arts, Belgrade, Serbia

2015 - “SOM & Legacy”, Chicago, Illinois

2015 - “Critical Regionalism…Still” Chicago, Illinois

2015 - “In Chicago”, Archeworks, Chicago, USA

2015 - “Decline”, Inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennial, Chicago, Illinois, USA

2014 - “Paco Park”, MIPIM 2014, Cannes, France

2014 - “Cities & Visions”, FRAC Centre Museum, Orleans, France

2014 -  “PLANTA”14th International Architecture Exhibition of The Biennial di Venezia. Curated by Rem Koolhaas. Venice, Italy

2013 - “Light, Structure, Emergence”, Delft, NL

2012 - “Everything Ages”, TU Delft Faculty of Architecture, Delft, NL

2012 - “The Direction of Being Lost…the work of 2x4’, Delft, NL

Lectures and Papers

2019 - “A Manual for Post-Contemporary Preservation”, European Capital of Culture Foundation, Novi Sad, Serbia
2019 - “Theory & Praxis”, Ibero University School of Architecture, Mexico City, Mexico
2018 - “DOMAIN: Recent Works”, UACS Ohrid Summer Studio, Ohrid, Macedonia
2018 - “After Marx: Material Contours”, UACS Skopje, Macedonia
2017 - “NO Scale”, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade, Serbia (Keynote)
2017 - “The Need for (re)Definition”, STRAND Conference, Belgrade, Serbia (Keynote)
2017 - “Principles of Housing”, Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade, Serbia
2017 - “After Marx: Material Contours”, Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade, Serbia
2017 - “The Need for (re)Definition”, Faculty of Architecture, Skopje, Macedonia
2017 - “The Need for Definition”, University of Cincinnati DAAP, Cincinnati, Ohio
2017 - “Process”, Studio 620, St. Petersburg, Florida
2016 - “Violence”, Knjižara Karver, Podgrica, Montenegro
2016 - “Death of Modernity”, Kolarceve, Belgrade, Serbia
2016 - “Process”, Filozofski Fakultet, Skopje Univerzitet, Skopje, Macedonia
2016 - “Freedom”, FABRICA, Novi Sad, Serbia
2016 - “Failure”, University of Niš - Faculty of Architecture, Niš, Serbia
2016 - “On Heritage”, KreNi2 Conference, Niš, Serbia (keynote)
2016 - “On Process”, Universidad de Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico
2016 - “Freedom”, Archeworks, Chicago, Illinois
2016 - “On Process”, GSAPP - Columbia University, New York, New York
2015 - “On Process”, Hangyang University, Seoul, S. Korea
2015 - “The Need for Definition”, Korea National University of Arts, Seoul, S. Korea
2015 - “The Need for Definition”, Universidad de Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico
2015 - “On Process”, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico
2015 - “The Need for Definition”, MOVIEMENT, Barcelona, Spain
2015 - “The Death of Modernity”, MOVIEMENT, Barcelona , Spain
2015 - “On Cities”, Scapes.Lab. Think BG, Belgrade, Serbia
2014 - “Theory & Praxis”, IAAC, Barcelona, Spain
2014 - “Complex Projects”, The Berlage, Delft, The Netherlands
2014 - “An Introduction to Critical Theory” la Biennial di Venezia, Venice, Italy
2014 - “On Process”, University of Venice, Venice, Italy
2014 - “The Intellectual Crisis”, The Berlage, Delft, The Netherlands
2014 - “The Need for Definition”, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri
2013 - “On Process”, Virginia Tech University - The Chicago Studio, Chicago, Illinois
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2013 - “On Process”, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
2013 - “No Scale”, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois
2013 - “No Scale”, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, California
2013 - “No Scale”, SOM, Chicago, Illinois
2013 - “No Scale”, AOA Mumbai, Mumbai, India
2013 - “No Scale”, KRVI for Architecture, Mumbai, India
2013 - “Complex Projects” School of the Art Institute in Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
2012 - “Hyper-Urbanism”, Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri
2012 - “Everything Ages”, National University of Singapore, Singapore
2012 - “No Scale”, Politechnika Slaska Technical Institute, Warsaw, Poland
2012 - “6x6x6”, DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois
2011 - “6x6x6”, Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri


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