Ted Brown

B.S. Architecture, University of Virginia; M.Arch., Princeton University

Ted Brown received a master of architecture degree from Princeton University and a bachelor of science in architecture from the University of Virginia. Prior to joining the faculty he taught at Princeton University and the Oregon School of Design. In 1987 he received the Rome Prize in Architecture and conducted research on early representations of the city. As a Fellow he returned to the American Academy in Rome in 1996 as a visiting architect.

Brown was chair of the graduate programs in the School of Architecture from 2002-2005. He currently teaches graduate and undergraduate design studios and seminars in contemporary theory on issues of architectural and urban form. He has lectured in the US and in Italy where he has served as the director of the Syracuse University Architecture Programs. In 2011 Brown received the Scholar/Teacher of the Year award from Syracuse University.

Brown’s current work with Martin Haettasch includes Berlin Journal: Tempelhof, Alternative Futures and studies on the compound urban block in the American City. In addition, he is partner in the practice, Munly Brown Studio, which conducts design research from the scale of the object to the scale of the city. The firm’s projects include the master plan for the Salt District Neighborhood Food and Health Center in Syracuse and the Childcare Campus for Syracuse University. In collaboration with the office of CLEAR, Brown has worked on two projects for the city of Syracuse addressing the future of Onondaga Creek. His funded research includes design of ‘optical’ concrete, design of a ‘high performance’ house design, and the re-conceptualization of vacant downtown office structures in the US.

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Buildings and Projects

  • Outdoor Environmental Classroom, Onondaga Creek, Syracuse, NY (with CLEAR & TWMLA), 2014
  • Tempelhof Airport: City within the City, Berlin, Germany 2013-
  • Urban Rest Stop Competition, Syracuse, NY (with Martin Hättasch and George Little) 2014
  • Live/Make Competition, Cincinnati, OH (with Martin Hättasch and George Little) 2013
  • Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan, Syracuse, NY (with CLEAR & TWMLA), 2012-2014
  • Salt District Neighborhood Food and Health Center, Syracuse, NY, 2012
  • Childcare Campus, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, 2010-11
  • Haxton Residence, Manlius, NY, 2010-2011
  • Yeosu Expo Pavilion Competition, Yeosu, South Korea (C.Olsen, M. Tirrone, S. MacNamara), 2009
  • Green City Homes on Comstock, Syracuse, NY, 2008-9
  • The Amos @ Quackenbush Square, mix-use residential, Albany, NY, 2008-09
  • Savvy Wine Cellar, Camillus, NY, 2008-09
  • Onondaga Creek Corridor Study, Syracuse, NY (with CLEAR, CeLL, OEI), 2008-2009
  • Svelta House, DeWitt, NY, 2007-09
  • Liberty School Media Center, Liberty, NY (design consultant to Ashley McGraw), 2008
  • The Amos @ Syracuse Inner Harbor, mix-use Residential, Syracuse, NY, 2007-2008
  • Redeemer Church Addition, Liverpool, NY, 2001-02


  • New Perspectives on Nodeul-island, Seoul Architecture Festival, Korea (w/ Julia Czerniak and Trevor Lee), 2014
  • Sustainable Campus: Cladding the Giant, Syracuse Center, Florence, Italy, 2014
  • UNZIP, Expo 2012 Pavilion, Korea (with Munly, Olsen, Tirone, MacNamara), 2011
  • Home Turf, High Performance House, SoA, Syracuse, NY, 2009
  • After the Master Plan: Syracuse Builds, The Warehouse, Syracuse, NY, 2007
  • Optical Concrete, Syracuse Center of Excellence Environmental and Energy Systems, Syracuse, NY, 2006
  • Off the Wall, Lubin House, New York, NY, 2004
  • IKEAGRAMS: Graduate Student Design Research (co-curator), Urban Center, New York, NY, 2004
  • The Architect’s Work, I: Peter Eisenman (co-curator), SoA Syracuse, NY, 2004
  • Collage, Utopics and the Political: New Urbanisms/New Landscapes, 1999
  • Representations of the City, Laband Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, 1998
  • Representations of the City, Museum of Contemporary Art, Rapid City, MI, 1999
  • Representations of the City, Ital.-American Museum, San Francisco, CA, 1999
  • Representations of the City, Museum of Contemporary Art, Las Vegas, NV, 2000
  • Architectural Drawings in Florence, Now 5, Casa di Dante, Florence, Italy, 1997
  • When the Earth Meets the Sky, Miami University, Miami, FL, 1994
  • ACSA National Design Awards, Charleston, SC, 1993
  • Michael Graves Idee e Progetti, 1981-91 (curator), Museo Marino Marini, Florence, Italy, 1991
  • Casa Piu Bella del Mondo, Galleria Idea Books, Milan, Italy, 1989
  • Casa Piu Bella del Mondo, Galleria Epsylon, Reggio Emilia, Italy, 1990
  • Casa Piu Bella del Mondo, Saie Due, Bologna, Italy, 1990
  • The Village of Washington Ridge, Silo Gallery, New Milford, CN, 1988
  • The Village of Washington Ridge, Litchfield Historical Society, Litchfield, CN, 1989
  • The Village of Washington Ridge, Yale University Club, NY, 1989
  • Representations of the City, American Academy, Rome, Italy, 1988

Grants and Awards

  • Berlin Journal: Tempelhof, Alternative Futures, 2014
  • Dialectical Diagrams/Compound Density (with Martin Hättasch), 2012-
  • CNY AIA design award, Liberty Media Center (design consultant to AMA), 2011
  • Dinosaurs of Downtown, conversion of vacant downtown office buildings, 2011-
  • Syracuse University Scholar/Teacher of the Year, 2010
  • NYSERDA Grant, Design Intelligence for Energy Performance Optimization, PI, 2009
  • Optical Concrete, Research fellowship w/ the Syracuse Center of Excellence, 2005
  • Delmas Foundation Grant, in support of Virtual Materialities publication, 2003
  • ACSA National Design Awards, 1994
  • Finalist, Casa Piu Bella Del Mondo, 1988
  • Fellow, American Academy in Rome, 1988


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Administration and Service

  • Chair, Undergraduate Program, Syracuse Architecture, 2015-16
  • Chair, Graduate Program, Syracuse Architecture, 2002-05
  • Director, Florence Program, Syracuse Architecture, 1990-92