Jerrod Delaine
P/T Instructor, NYC program

Jerrod Delaine, is the Chief Executive Officer of The Delaine Companies. As a seasoned real estate developer with over a decade of experience, Jerrod has amassed a skill set that includes design, construction, finance, affordable housing, and asset management. Jerrod spent the first five years of his career at Forum Architecture and Interior Design, the majority of his efforts focused on project managing affordable housing projects in the southeast region of the United States.

As an academic, Jerrod serves as an adjunct professor educating graduate and undergraduate students on development, public-private partnerships, urban economics, and portfolio management. After spending eight years as the Director of Development at Carthage Real Estate Advisors, Jerrod cemented his role as a thought leader in urban housing policy. He’s a principal developer committed to utilizing access to capital markets, improving communities through real estate finance and development.

Jerrod has a bachelor’s degree and bachelor of arts degree in architecture from Florida A&M University School of Architecture and Environmental Technology as well as a master of science degree from New York University Schack Institute of Real Estate.