Kiana Memaran Dadgar
Assistant Teaching Professor

Kiana Memaran Dadgar (she/her/hers) joins the School of Architecture at Syracuse University in the Fall of 2022 as an assistant teaching professor. She will teach courses in Architectural Design Sequences.

Before joining the School of Architecture, Memaran worked as an architectural designer at Kieran Timberlake in Philadelphia. During this time, she developed an interest in bio-based architectural materials. To pursue this interest, she joined Syracuse University to complete a post-professional Master’s Science in Architecture and conducted research in the Mycotecture lab under the supervision of Professor Sharifi. At Syracuse University, she researched the integration of bio-based material for inclusive architecture applications.

Memaran’s primary research interests are focused on bio-based materials in architecture at the intersection of chemistry and biology and the biomanufacturing of architectural construction materials. Additionally, she is interested in the manifestation of the details in architecture and tectonics.

Memaran holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Cincinnati, where her thesis project was selected for the state’s AIA student design award. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering from Guilan University and the Art University of Tehran in Iran.