1:00pm - 5:00pm EDT March 26

The Landscape of Women’s Bodily Autonomy symposium

This symposium brings together speakers from a variety of disciplines—from a local women’s healthcare professional to social workers and advocacy groups, to lawyers and architects—to discuss the challenges they are facing on-the-ground and to share creative techniques for navigating the post-Roe landscape.


SeQuoia Kemp, BSN
SeQuoia is a locally practicing doula with expertise in providing comprehensive reproductive healthcare for traditionally under-represented women in New York.

Lori Brown, FAIA
Lori is a distinguished professor of architecture at Syracuse’s School of Architecture and is currently examining the impact of how law and policy intersects with design and use of architectural space in post-Roe America.

Shoshanna Ehrlich, JD
Shoshanna is a women and gender studies professor at UMass Boston and her area of research includes abortion stigma, abortion regret, and abortion regulation laws in the US.

Kimala Price, PhD
Kimala is a women’s studies professor at San Diego State with expertise in how we might move between research, advocacy, and activism at their point of intersection with reproductive justice.

Melissa Shube, JD
Melissa is a reproductive health rights and justice attorney for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America with expertise on the legal challenges doctors and clinics face when providing access to reproductive healthcare.

Support for this event comes from the Syracuse University Humanities Center and the Office of the Associate Provost for Strategic Initiatives.

This event is part of the Syracuse University Humanities Center’s 20th annual Syracuse Symposium, focused on a “Landscapes” theme for 2023-2024.