1.  retrieve your degree audit and transcript

Once notified via email by your academic advisor, retrieve your degree audit and transcript from your SOA mailbox.

2.  confirm your degree progreSS

Confirm your degree progress through MySlice. Go to “My Academics” and then click on “View My Advising Report.” The report is an up-to-date assessment of how your credits have been used to satisfy your degree program requirements.

3.  prepare for your advising appointment

Fill your Shopping Cart on MySlice with courses you intend to register for. You can determine the appropriate courses using your Degree Audit, Academic Advising Report, and Curriculum Chart as your guide. Print your Shopping Cart and bring it to your advising appointment.

4.  meet with your advisor

Meet with your advisor, during your scheduled advising time, to discuss your course selections and your overall degree plans using your Degree Audit, Academic Advising Report, and Shopping Cart.

5. Register on MySlice

After you have been advised and submitted your Academic Advising Report and Shopping Cart, your advising hold will be released and you will be able to register for your classes on MySlice.  To view the assigned date and time you are allowed to register use the View My Enrollment Dates link in MySlice.  If you attempt to register prior to your assigned time, you will receive an error message.

Faculty Advising/Mentoring

Faculty advisors are available for architecture-specific academic mentoring and career guidance.