1. Set an advising appointment

Initiate an advising appointment within two weeks prior to your assigned registration time and plan to discuss your course selections. Review curriculum requirements. Check your syr.edu email for advising and registration info.

2. Confirm your degree progress

Confirm your degree progress through MySlice. Go to “My Academics” and then click on “View My Advising Report.” The report is an up-to-date assessment of how your credits have been used to satisfy your degree program requirements.

3. MySlice Shopping Cart

Add classes you are interested in taking to your shopping cart in MySlice. Print out your shopping cart and bring to your advising meeting. Refer to the curriculum chart and the registration information sent to your SU email to help aid in your selections

4. Meet with your advisor

Discuss your course selections with your advisor in the context of your overall degree plans.

5. Register on MySlice

After you have been advised, go back to your MySlice shopping cart and register for the classes that you placed in your cart. Be sure to make any adjustments that you might have discussed in your advising session. To view the date and time you are allowed to register, use the “View My Enrollment Dates” link in MySlice. If you attempt to register prior to your assigned time, you will receive an error message.