Jonathan Louie
Assistant Teaching Professor

M.Arch, University of California at Los Angeles; B.Arch, Syracuse University

Jonathan Louie is an assistant teaching professor at Syracuse University School of Architecture. In 2014 and 2015 he was the coordinator of the School’s Summer College program. His interest is in the logical and illogical characteristics found in the world around us. Based on his belief that everyday life is stranger than fiction, Louie proposes experiments on representations and notations that exploit ordinary materials.

He is one of four founding organizers for On the Road, a platform for charging architectural experimentation outside of the museum and institution. Louie’s graduate studies were done at the University of California Los Angeles where he graduated with distinction and is the recipient of the 2×8 Award and University Fellowship. In the fall of 2015 he will take up residency in Peterborough, New Hampshire as a Macdowell Colony Fellow. Jonathan Louie was recently invited to exhibit work at S,M,L,XLa at the A+D Museum, a show featuring the work of an emergent group of Architects and Designers in Los Angeles.