ARC523 Advanced Building Systems

Images of the Crystal Palace.

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The predecessors
regia lilly pad chatsworth conservatory
The Victoria Regia lilly plant. The Great Conservatory at Chatsworth
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The construction.
paxton ink blotter sketch. floor plans. truss erection gallery assembly nave truss erection.
Paxon's ink blotter sketch. Gallery floor plan and first floor plan Erection of the frame. Erection of the galleries. Erection of the name trusses
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The building for the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry, 1851, London

crystal palace perspective crystal.palace.image from hobhouse exterior south. exterior showing steam plant Crystal Palace engraving
Perspective Perspective Exterior from the south. Esterior showing the steam plant. Steel engraving titled "The Worlds Temple of Industry by F. Walker, Published 1852.
Queen Victoria at opening. foreign exhibits. transept. main.nave. closing ceremony.
Opening ceremonies with Queen Victoria. Nave looking to the 'foreign" exhibits Transept with crystal fountain. Nave. Closing ceremonies.
Transept with crystal fountain. main nave south. Stained glass exhibit. US exhibit. Exhibit
Transept with the crystal fountain. Nave looking south. Stained glass exhibit. United States exhibit. ?Exhibit
Great Exhibition Of 1851 End Photo. Turkish exhibit.
Photograph of end facade. Turkish exhibit.
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The successors
Crystal Palace Sydenham. New York Crystal Palace.
The Crystal Palace at Sydenham The New York Crystal Palace
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