While a School of Architecture student, Syracuse Architecture Advisory Board member Todd B. Rubin ’04 spent two semesters studying in Florence. He discovered the art and architecture of the Renaissance city, but the experience also left him with a broader sense of purpose.

Rubin, along with the Rubin Family Foundation, established the Rubin Global Design Studio at Syracuse Architecture to provide architecture students with a unique opportunity to participate in a site-specific design studio and then travel to that particular part of the world where much of the studio work is focused. Students experience the cultural and political conditions that produce a city with quality public space, public housing and sustainability policies. In the Taipei iteration of the trip, students examined and created proposals on the redevelopment of a derelict train depot in the city’s center.

“Being able to live in Florence and travel throughout Europe expanded my own personal horizons. While I was learning about culture, I was also experiencing incredible global architecture,” said Rubin, who was the featured speaker for the 2015 Phanstiel Lecture at Syracuse University. “It made such an impact on my life that I wanted to figure out a way for others to have this same experience.”

Today, Rubin is president of The Republic of Tea, a family-owned and operated company based in Novato, California.

Rubin Global travel studios
  • Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2016
  • Rosario, Argentina, 2015
  • Taipei, Taiwan, 2014
  • Baku, Azerbaijan, 2013
  • Copenhagen, Denmark, 2012